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Conductor ‘launches’ fourth cohort of 10x Accelerator

September 2, 2020

Original Article Published in Arkansas Talk Business:

The Conductor, funded in partnership with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and Metova, Inc., “launched” its fourth cohort of the 10X Growth Accelerator, a 14-week program that includes a peer-driven entrepreneurship education curriculum, leadership coaching, support services, access to capital, and connection to an expanded support network.

The “launch” is not the beginning of the program, but the conclusion of the 14-week journey. The 10X Growth Accelerator says it uses this terminology because it is not the end of the program; it is the time that the companies take all the information they have learned and put it to use in their own businesses, hence “launching” them into a growth mode.

Due to COVID-19, the 10x Accelerator has been conducting business virtually through Zoom and digital recordings.

“Every member of our fourth cohort worked tirelessly and had great patience as we navigated the change to an all-virtual platform. We’re confident the companies of Cohort 4 are going to make a great collective impact on the state of Arkansas, based on their hard work and transformations they’ve experienced these past 14 weeks,” said Jeff Standridge, Managing Director of the Conductor.

The 14 companies that comprised Cohort 4 included:

  • 360 Therapeutics

  • Amazing Grace Restoration Services

  • Boost Midwest

  • Crystal Bridge Distillery

  • Golf IQ

  • Haynes Supply Place

  • Infusion Marketing Group, LLC

  • iProv

  • MakerMade

  • Power Technology

  • Roadway Management Technologies

  • RX Results, LLC

  • Sentinel Manufacturing

  • Think Idea Studio

“I think the experience with 10x has helped me see beyond just my business but also into the ways that my business can grow and connect with other organizations in the state,” said Marie Stacks of Boost Midwest. “It’s refreshing to see collaborative ideas being shared with such camaraderie and passion.”

The 10X Growth Accelerator Launch was hosted at Rabbit Ridge Farms, an alumnus of the 10X program.

“These businesses have positioned themselves to increase jobs and revenue by adopting a ’10X’ mindset. I am very proud of this cohort,” said Glenn Crockett, 10X Growth Accelerator Director, “They worked hard and displayed flexibility during a challenging and uncertain time. Their attitude of looking to thrive and not just survive is inspiring.”

The Conductor is a public-private partnership with the University of Central Arkansas and Startup Junkie.

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