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"To build Aptus Financial from scratch started out with several misfires. Boost Midwest was able to see the need for more structure in the business early on and helped visualize and implement it.
To this day, we are still enjoying and relying on that structure."

Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, President of Aptus Financial

Boost Midwest is driven to make your business succeed.

Professional Services

Operations Audit and Workshop

Improve your organization's results by thinking strategically. Through our Operations Audit Workshop, Boost Midwest can help your team establish strategic goals and Key Performance Indicators to monitor progress towards these goals. We can also help you develop a business plan, assist in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) creation and identify areas of potential improvement within your business. If you've already assembled an incredible operational team, our strategic and organizational planning packages might be just the right fit.

This is a package that offers you the chance to learn from our team through a custom assessment, interview series and collaborative workshop that strives to align current company goals with existing operational opportunities. 

Fractional Chief of Operations

At Boost Midwest our clients have access to executive level services with the quality and knowledge needed for their growth.  Our fractional services allow a client to utilize members of our team as integrated Chief Operating Officers (COO) or Directors on a part-time or as-needed basis. We are there to provide hands-on guidance, expertise, and executive-level leadership to help your business avoid business model roadblocks and ensure your business is on the right strategic and operational track for maximum growth.

These fractional leadership services also extended into our Project Management services. 

Operations Support

Once a strategic and organization plan is developed, operations must adapt to allow those plans to be achieved. At Boost Midwest, we can identify current workflows and determine what changes are needed within your operations. We can also help manage that change in a way that supports your team and prevents burnout and overwhelm.

Once operations are optimized, sustainability is paramount.  We can guide you through the process improvement stages in which you will learn to consistently evaluate your workflows and how to pivot when needed. You will learn how to track results, identify trends, and how to have the right people and processes in place to allow optimal workflows to continue long term.

Project Management Support

Our team can assist in all areas of project management from project charters and planning activities to monitoring project execution and quality.  Our team at Boost Midwest is composed of project coordinators and PMP certified Project Managers who focus on making sure you have the right project foundation to get the job done on time, within your budget and hitting the mark.  

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