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3 Big Ways Technology Can Move Your Business Forward

There’s no question that technology and its tools are integral to business and business operations. But knowing how to choose and effectively use these tools will give your company the best chance of a successfully using technology to streamline and potentially grow your business.

Remember: If used poorly, technology has the potential to throw monkey wrenches into business operations across the board—or be just plain ineffective. In fact, the risks of “digital transformation” was found to be the top concern of CEOs, directors and senior executives in 2019, according to the Harvard Business Review (, which reported that 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail to reach their goals. So, determining which technologies will best move your company forward, and how to use them to their fullest potential, is the first step towards making technology work for you and your company’s goals.

At Boost Midwest, we have a proven track record of steering businesses towards tech solutions that work, whether directed at marketing, customer experience, production and cost controls or a virtual workplace comprising a work-from-home permanent or freelance staff.

While many tech decisions are determined by what products or services a company provides, all companies should have an online presence. A company website is the window to potential customers, clients and employees, providing information on services and products. A website can also be the virtual center for a non-brick-and-mortar business, handling everything from marketing to potential customers to delivering its products or services.

Here’s what to keep in mind when planning how technology can move your company forward:

1. Technology can streamline business operations so they occur in the right order and at the right time. The technology available today can perform an array of operations tasks, including:

  • Tracking performance.

  • Coordinating teams.

  • Improving communication channels.

  • Automating payroll.

  • Monitoring quality controls.

2. The right tech can market your company to millions. The typical American spends hours each day online. While recent studies vary as to the precise amount, most cite over two hours on social media and over six hours total online per day. This means the online marketing potential is huge— but so is the online competition. To reach the most number of potential clients or customers:

  • Invest in Search Engine Optimization through meta tags and keywords.

  • Research the right social media platform to reach your customer base.

  • Use content marketing to establish your “brand.”

  • Reward customers for bringing in new clients.

  • Make sure your digital marketing campaign looks great on mobile device.

3. Technology can perform routine tasks, freeing your teams to do the work tech can’t. Using technology in the right places and for the right things means your employees can use their time on what technology can’t do. The following tech tools can save valuable time and resources:

  • Email autoresponders.

  • Sales and lead generation software.

  • “Evergreen” webinars.

  • Virtual assistants.

  • Customer support chat boxes

There are dozens — sometimes hundreds — of technology tools designed to accomplish all of the above suggestions. Boost Midwest can help find the right tools to move your business forward and the best ways to implement them into your current business model. Remember, if technology is used right, one click on a keyboard can save hours of company time, save on operating costs, and bring a world of potential customers to your doorstep.

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