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Step Into Success with the Boost Midwest Operations Audit

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Innovation. Change. Growth. Those three words can strike both hope and fear into business organizations, because company leaders know that it’s at times of growth that organizations face the most challenges.

The Boost Midwest Operations Audit helps organizations manage times of high growth through its AIM methodology - analyze, innovate, and manage.

The goal: “To take the guesswork out of change management,” Boost Midwest President, Marie Stacks said. “We’re taking data and turning it into a story, and really building out an environment around that data.

Management often overlooks critical developmental questions when planning for growth. Assessing an organization’s current methods of operations provides data that points to specific ways to improve:

  1. Organizational Structure

  2. Operations Optimization

  3. Communication

  4. Team Dynamics

Take this small gourmet ice cream and gelato shop that opened in a small Maine town several years ago. The local business community shook their heads at the niche product, the shop’s location, and its bright purple-and-yellow décor and marketing design.

But the shop proved extremely popular, and the sudden explosion of growth brought innovations in products and customer interactions. The owners credit taking the right steps at the right moments for their success. But they also took a few missteps that put, not only the growth but, the operation itself at risk.

Boost Midwest created the proprietary AIM methodology when partnering with companies for the best possible outcome during these organizational challenges. We help to analyze current operations, point to innovations and manage results. The results are sustainable solutions — with hands-on support — that your company can use to manage and elevate this exciting yet challenging time for your organization.

We partner with your company through these specific steps:

  • Project Management Assessment

This is a Likert scale assessment covering the four major areas listed above: organizational structure, operations optimization, communication and the project management office. Boost Midwest analyzes responses, using their median along with individual data to identify overarching themes.

  • Team Member Interviews

We hold in-depth interviews with key team members, listening for repeat responses, and cross-reference them with the survey data to see where themes overlap. This answers the “whys” behind the data culled from the survey responses and shows how the day-to-day operation affects different components of your business.

  • Collaborative workshop

The AIM workshop is where our team works with your teams to review and assess the results, highlighting key findings and brainstorming a plan of action to reach your company goals. This is where ideas and innovations percolate, bolstered by the data analyzed in the earlier AIM phases.

  • Roadmap for Change

Following the workshop, we provide a detailed cumulative report. This includes your organization’s assessment scores, which provide a baseline to measure against as new processes are implemented. And, as Boost Midwest understands the importance of best practices in project management and operations, we also provide a guide for implementing them throughout your organization.

This overview provides just a skeleton structure of the Boost Midwest Operations Audit & Workshop. To see the full scope and the level of detail, arrange for a free consultation with Boost Midwest. We offer continuing support following the audit although many of our clients find they are ready to move forward on their own.

If they need us to stand by and walk with them on that change management journey, we can,” CEO Stacks said. “We’ve done it both ways.

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Ready to learn more about how Boost Midwest can help you optimize your business operations and project management?

Schedule your free consultation call with us today using our Quick Schedule Link here.

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