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Boost Midwest launches Direct Perspective podcast

The best business practices for today’s leaders

What challenges lie ahead for your growing business? How can you position your company to take advantage of opportunities for rapid growth? Is your organization’s foundation solid to handle these changes? How will growth affect policies and processes now in place?

These are the kind of questions that Direct Perspective, the podcast series produced by Boost Midwest and hosted by Marie Stacks, President & CEO, and Nikki Fogg, Marketing Specialist, addresses through one-on-one discussions with industry and thought leaders from around the world.

Optimizing operations to elevate results is the Boost Midwest way. That’s why we offer the Direct Perspective podcast. A deep dive into the different facets of operations in the business world of today — and tomorrow.

Interested in how automating systems can help grow your small or midsize business? We speak with Daleele Alison, CEO of Chicago-based RooksDM, who guides clients through automating their businesses and knows first-hand what qualities entrepreneurs need to dig into as they grow their businesses.

Art Murphy of AI Catalysts, Cambridge, U.K.-based research lab focused on artificial intelligence and data science research, who shares his insights on using unique KPIs to chart your data strategy as you automate operations processes.

Let Direct Perspective’s bite-size podcasts be the most valuable minutes you spend this week for your business. Each podcast presents actionable insights, tips and tricks for business leaders seeking evidence-based ways to optimize business operations.

We are a nationally-based management firm serving clients worldwide. We specialize in analyzing, innovating and implementing organic and sustainable solutions for rapidly scaling companies. Our Direct Perspective podcast brings business best practices to entrepreneurs and leaders seeking solutions for successful growth.

Tune in to Direct Perspective at and listen on your favorite podcast app.

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