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All Pressure | No Glory

The first steps on the moon have been taken. The year is 1963 and the two men who have walked the moon arrive safely back home. Many people recognize Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as they are welcomed home to a media frenzy. Yet few remember that there’s a third man returning with them - his name: Michael Collins.

Michael Collins is the man who navigated the spaceship around the moon as Neil and Buzz took those fateful steps. He is the reason that those men arrived home safely. One mistake by Michael and it could’ve all been different. 

Behind every great success story is an operator playing a role that many may miss. They are the linchpin to making success happen and to bringing the team home to victory. They are also the ones who feel an immense amount of pressure because one mistake and it all goes down in history in a different way. They constantly feel all the pressure, but in the end may not receive any of the glory.

Michael Collins is just one example of the many men and women in our businesses and our lives that are making differences in how we operate and how we work as a team. They guide us and give us insight that, as leaders in an organization, we may not have noticed. They are our operations managers, our COO, and many times they are the boots on the ground- keeping our clients happy and facilitating our success. 

It’s very easy to remember to cheer on those who are leading our organizations publicly. It’s also easy to forget to recognize our MVP and those silent Rockstars that keep our organization running day to day. Today as you walk through the halls of your office, notice those in your team that may be your unsung operating heroes and be sure to take a moment and thank them for what they do. 

Take a moment today - Find your very own moon navigator! 

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About the Author: Marie Stacks (President of Boost Midwest) strives to lead teams through the challenge of change onward to the thrill of success. With a decade of experience in project management, systems integration and process improvement, she has provided companies both small and corporate level with expertise on how to rock the boat without tipping it over. It takes unique skills to be able to lead through change, but when you succeed in doing so, the reward is always greater than the risk.


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